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The tile isn’t all pale beige anymore. Today’s new colors are richer and somewhat deeper, and there are exciting looks in surface texture and edge treatments. Tile is appearing in larger sizes, too, so that it’s easier than ever to make a dramatic statement you’ll love.

Check with us about these hot new tile trends:

  • Lovely, sophisticated products that are inviting yet invincible—for the busiest homes, very durable porcelain tile that can also hold up in commercial settings
  • Longer tile planks—4x24 and 6x24
  • Antiqued edges give an elegantly rustic look, like the stone flooring of the Old Country
  • Glass trim pieces that sparkle and shine, like jewelry that sets off a beautiful outfit
  • Trim pieces that feature inserts of both glass and mosaic tile
  • Glazed porcelain in richer, earthier palettes
  • Surface and texture variations that give an overall, subtle effect with no obvious grain
  • Multi-layered glazing processes that give immense depth of texture and color, strong veining, and realistic effect
  • Mixed surface looks juxtaposing old and new, organic and edgy—such as stained concrete and textured fabric

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